How To Sell Jewellery Online & Diana’s Interstellar Jewellery

7th June 2020

Stay safe! We’re hoping bead fairs will resume in July – for bookings click 2020 Bead Fairs.

The new MrBead shop is live and doing well.  The old stores will continue to operate alongside. 

We’ve already listed around 100 new semi precious beads in the new shop – see at New Beads. And as no shows: there’ll be many more coming soon!

How To Sell Jewellery Online
Diana’s Interstellar Jewellery
Powerful Fluorite Beads
Summer Bead Fairs
New MrBead Shop
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How To Sell Jewellery Online


After lockdown, trends over the past decade will accelerate – so your customers’ will buy more jewellery online.

Therefore, you should really consider selling online. Some sell their designs on Facebook, which is great if you can make it work – but most beaders need sites that do the selling for them. Or building your own website if you can promote. There’s three main ways to sell jewellery on the internet:

Although based in the US, many home jewellery makers in the UK do very well here. For inspiration, take a look at the jewellery already listed click here. Great for well-designed jewellery with good photographs.

Not as good as it was because there’s too many sellers – but easy to join and list. MrBead was one of Hong Kong’s largest eBay sellers 20-years ago (so they told us!), but we stopped selling there ages ago as it’s too competitive.

However, if you can make a quantity of designs that are appealing and not too expensive, this could be an easy outlet for you. Buyers look for free shipping, so add costs to the price.

Own Website
Selling Beads OnlineGives you more control, but you need some marketing skills, otherwise no one will find your site.

These days it’s easy to build a website with many companies offering simple software to allow anyone to setup an online shop. Now a fun and relatively pain-free experience!

I like GoDaddy, as it’s inexpensive with good support – but other easy-to-use website builders with great templates are Wix.com, Squarespace.com, weebly.com and ewisoft.com (used for my Norfolk holiday-let cottage).

If you’re serious, go for Shopify as we did on the new MrBead Shop. Shopify hosts over a million stores globally, and although not the cheapest (from £30 a month), is easy to use with fantastic e-commerce features.

Phones Take Great PhotosTWhichever way for sell online, a good photogrpah is the most important aspect to sell well.

It must show your jewellery close and clear, and will usually need editing and contrast boosting. However, most mobile phones and tablit computers do the job. For more detail go to How To Take Photos That Sell.

Take advantage of lockdown and use your time and creativity to sell online! Once you get a system that works, it’s easy to duplicate and scale-up – as long as you can make enough designs.

Diana Challis’s Interstellar Jewellery

Diana ChallisDiana’s been creating wire-wrap and semi-precious stone jewellery since 2004. She used to be a geology and astronomy lecturer in California, although brought up along the Jurassic Coast in Southern England.

Diana ChallisHer love of rocks and astronomy influences her jewellery, with designs like shapes in galaxies and stellar explosions. Britain’s pre-historic and Saxon roots also has an impact on style. All these influences come together in her designs, giving them a powerful organic feel.

Diana ChallisDiana ChallisDiana ChallisDiana say “I wrap wire around and beyond stones, creating pieces based on spiral forms and use of negative space – to make rock and metal appear to defy gravity. The result is a unique style, I think of as ‘nouveau bronze-age'”.

Diana ChallisDiana was in business in the USA for five years, before returning to the UK in 2016 and starting her steampunk jewellery line.

Diana’s Stellar

Powerful Fluorite Beads

What Is Flourite?
Fluorite BeadsThe mineral fluorite is famous for its glassy luster and wide range of colours – from purple, blue, green, yellow, colorless, brown, pink, black and reddish orange. Named after the Latin word “To flow”.

Fluorite BeadFluorite is said to bring perceptiveness, peace, calm the mind and strengthen bones. It’s particularly useful in medication – because holding even a small piece in the hand brings a sense of inner peace.

Those who choose this stone are likely to be artistic and creative, being able to earn money from their talent – as well as self-critical with a fear of failure. A powerful semi precious gemstone.

Fluorite has been excavated from the ruins of Pompeii, but despite being a favourite with ancient civilizations, has been recently overlooked.

Click to see all our fluorite beads

Summer Bead Fairs

Cornish Bead Fair Probus Fair 2019Norwich Bead Fair on 14th June is posponed as the hotel is still closed. Future details to follow soon.

However, most things will be back to normal from 4th July, so It’s very-likley our Cornish Bead Fair at Probus Village Hall will go ahead as planned.

Consignment 2020This safe rural hall gives lots of room for social distancing, and we’ll be issuing free masks and gloves to all. Not that it’ll spoil the fun! And this is our first show to display new beads from our recent 700+ kg shipment of 30 boxes.

Sam & Pete say the first Gem n Bead Fair after lockdown will probably be Newcastle on 18th-19th July, and more-definitely in London at Kempton Park on 25th-26th July.

Therefore, it looks like all shows back from July – but double-check before travelling, and expect social distance measures and possible queues on larger fairs.

Details of all shows this year, click: 2020 Bead Fairs.


I’ve tried to build the new MrBead shop towards customer needs. With a dramatic ease in finding specific beads by:

  • Greatly improved search facility with image as well as description
  • Choose by colour and size, as well as stone and shape
  • Wish list facility where you can keep items you like – to return to later to edit or buy
  • Compare multiple items together
  • Select items by price or order listed
  • Much faster checkout – especially if you have created an account with no-hassle credit card of PayPal payment.
  • Simplified transparent shipping prices – so no surprises Improved, rewritten gemstone properties
  • New section to help jewellery making
  • Even larger range of semi precious beads
  • Easy fast question facility with each individual listing Mobile friendly shop so you can easily order with your phone – even if you don’t have email (confirmations by text)
  • Many new beads – over 80 this month alone. And many more to add from our 700km shipment just arrived, and no shows to sell at!

To go to the new shop click: MrBeadShop.com

Please Register
For our regulars, I’m sorry to say you need to create an account again (as data from the old shop can’t be transferred). However, you only need to do once, it only takes a couple of minutes, and will save you a lot of time on future orders. Just click the icon at top right of the shop, then Continue to register as a new customer. You’ll then be able to use the Wish List to store anything you like for later.

Simplified Shipping
Everyone hates paying shipping! So for transparency, the new shop has a flat rate of £2.50 for UK orders under £30, then FREE. No need for any code. International shipping starts from £4.99 with a maximum of just £14 – full details here.

New Order Facilities

  • Enhanced Search at top left – key description or item number.
  • All Categories Page – Menu of all items.
  • On Category Page: View as Grid default, or change to view as List. Plus sort by name order, price, or date listed.
  • Choose by ShapeColourSize, or other ways.
  • Add to Wish List (click little heart icon) – you must make an account first, then login.
  • Easily ask Question about a product on Product Page.
  • Add to Compare – you can compare any number of items side-by-side.
  • No computer or email? No problem! You can order with a smartphone and checkout with your mobile phone number. The shop will send you a SMS tex on order and when mailed.

Key Controls

  • Customer Login  Click box at top right.
  • Home Button at top left of every page – takes back to Front Page.
  • Shopping Cart / Basket  at top right – Mouseover shows content & total price.

Use With Smartphone

  • Browse and add beads to your wishlist while relaxing or travelling.
  • Order beads easily on the go. It’s very fast with a smartphone, especially if you have an account and login.
  • Browse on the phone: order on the PC later.
  • Full details at How To Order Beads By Smartphone.

If you’ve seen the new shop, I’d really appreciate you taking my fast 10 simple question survey at: New MrBead Shop Survey.

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£5 (about US$6)  Off Anything From MrBead 

Try the new shop with £5 off orders over £20. Plus shipping is free too on orders over £30 – under this UK P&P is just £2.50. Can only be used at the NEW shop, and only once!

To get the discount Key ONLINE at checkout now, as offer ends Friday 12th June 2020. Use at https://mrbeadshop.com.

Early 2020 Bead Fairs

All shows cancelled until at least the end of May. We hope to start again with Norwich Bead Fair on Sunday 14th June and Sunday 5th July at Cornish Bead Fair.
Shows booked this year, click 2020 Bead Fairs.


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