Mid-June 2018

Stunning Bead Designs & Faceting Beads

9th June 2018

See us this weekend, Sat & Sun 9th-10th June – in Cambridgeshire at the Gem ‘n’ Bead Fair, Wood Green Animal Sanctuary, King’s Bush Farm, London Road, Godmanchester PE29 2NH – Details here.

Then the following Sunday, 17th June – at the Cornish MrBead Show, Probus Village Hall, 2 Barn Court, The Bank, Probus TR2 4JU – Details hereFree Entry, Free Gifts & Free Refreshments!

We have many new beads on show from a 30-box 600 kg shipment just arrived in the UK.

Say your a MrBead Newsletter reader for a free gift!   We’re at over 30 shows this year, all with a bigger display: All our 2018 Bead Fairs.

Stunning Designs With MrBead Beads
Art Of Faceting Beads
June Bead Fairs
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Stunning Designs With MrBead Beads

Some of this jewellery has been crated by MiMi, some by Lorraine of The Bead Queen, and other’s from different customers. All show what can be done with our beads.



I’m amazed by the quality and originally of jewellery I see created from MrBead’s beads. All are extremely good. Our beads look so different made up! Perhaps these pictures will give other jewellermakers ideas?

The Art Of Faceting Beads

Facets on a bead make the stone much more interesting and valuable. They catch the light producing a sparkle to attract attention, and the texture adds depth.

Sometimes the cut of the stone is just as important as the type of gem itself. Most beaders have no idea how much work some people put into cutting gemstones. Close up, the sharp tiny cuts of a multi-faceted bead look awesome.

At one time all gemstones were grafted in cabochons. Facet cutting began in European jewellery around the late 13th-century. The aim is to cut the gemstone to maximize its brilliance by balancing the light reflected both internally and externally – along with bringing out the ‘fire’ of the stone: brightly coloured flashes of light.

Although mass-produced faceted beads these days are cut using a computer operated machine, there is still a thriving community of gem cutters who practice the art as a hobby. It takes patience. Some gemstones can be cut in an hour, but others take many hours, depending on the stones hardness.

Faceting BeadsA used small faceting machine will set you back at least US$1,000 on eBay. These work by mounting the gem in a dowel, adjusting the position, and touching the gem to an abrasive disc of diamond dust bonded to a motor-driven plate. First the top, called the ‘crown’; then the bottom, called the ‘pavilion’. Water is usually used to cool the process.

The most common faceted gemstone shape today is called the Round or Brilliant cut. It has 58 facts divided equally all around the stone, cut to give the maximum brilliance possible.

Pictures show faceters’ at work at the Harrowgate Gem ‘n’ Bead fair in August. These guys take a pride in showing off their work, admired through a jeweller’s loupe, and for all to see in a glass cabinet.

Click the Facet Cutter’s Guild homepage
All our faceted beads at MrBead.co.uk or MrBead.com

Norfolk Mineral & Lapidary Society

You can learn about faceting and minerals at your local lapidary club. If you live in East Anglia, they will show you how to facet at the Mineral & Lapidary Society – details on their website at http://norfolkminandlapsoc.homestead.com.

Members are young and old and from all walks for life – so don’t be shy visiting! Meetings are held at 7.30pm on the first Tuesday of most months in the Catholic Church Hall, Churchfield Green St.Williams Way, Thorpe St.Andrew, Norwich.

June Bead Fairs

  • Sat & Sun 9th-10th June – Gem ‘n’ Bead Fair in Cambridgeshire at Wood Green Animal Sanctuary, King’s Bush Farm, London Road, Godmanchester PE29 2NH – Details here.
  • Sun 17th June – Cornish MrBead Show, Probus Village Hall, 2 Barn Court, The Bank, Probus TR2 4JU – Details here.
  • Sun 1st July – Norwich Bead Show, Best Western George Hotel, Arlington Lane, Newmarket Road, Norwich NR2 2DA – Details here.

A week after the Norwich show, we’re off to China to get the latest new beads for you. Once a year for new isn’t enough – we notice the latest sells! So no more bead fairs until Harrogate Gem ‘n’ Bead on 11th-12th August.

Rest of bead fairs and full 2018 Bead Fair List

Exhibit at a MrBead Show
We have limited space available for crafters at some of our own bead shows:
At Berwick Upon Tweed on 18th August. Details at http://www.mrbead.co.uk/berwickupontweedbeadfair.htm
In Cornwall on 17th June & 2nd September at June Cornish Bead Fair or  September Cornish Bead Fair.
In Scotland at Perth on 19th August at http://www.mrbead.co.uk/scottishbeadfair.htm. 
We also need help at this one, if you’re interested email Nigel – payment for the day in cash or £150 worth of beads.
Or our Essex Bead Show on Sunday 24th September at http://mrbead.co.uk/essexbeadfair.htm

We market for beaders making  jewellery, rather than selling ready-made jewellery – so to attract your customers, you may need to market yourself. If interested, email Nigel at nigel@MrBead.com

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