Mid-June 2017

Rainflower & Tiger’s Eye Beads

17th June 2017

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See us tomorrow, Sunday 18th June at Cornish MrBead Bead Show, Cornish Craft House, Unit 4, Woods Browning Industrial Estate, Respryn Road, Bodmin, PL31 1DQ.  

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The next shows after Cornwall will be in London on 1st July and Oxfordshire 2nd July. We will be at over 30 shows this year, all with a bigger display. Click for details: all our 2017 beads fairs.

Orders will be delayed from 13th to 17th June – because we’re taking a few days holiday in Cornwall with Bead Buyer just before our Cornish Bead Show. Will be in the Pandoria Inn, Falmouth!

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New Beads
Rainflower Viewing Stone Beads
Tiger’s Eye Beads
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New Beads

Our shipment of 35 boxes weighing almost 700 kgms has just arrived in Felixstow. You can see many of these hot latest beads at our bead fairs. Over the next few months, we will add some online too.

See all our new beads: Latest Beads

 Rain Flower Viewing Stone Beads

Rain flower beads are among our most popular right now, so we have brought a few new designs to feed this trend.

26 Purple & Green Rain Stone Pillow Beads99 Iris-Blue Rain Flower Viewing Stone Rondelle BeadsLavender & Green Rain Flower Viewing Stone Beads - 6mmOriental viewing stones are natural rocks carved to look like a dramatic mountain, waterfall or scenic landscape. The idea is to create a feeling of being at the place that is depicted.

Rainflower Viewing Stone Beads Rain flower viewing stone is natural agate formed along the banks of Chinas Yangtze River over 1.5 million years ago. Its famous in China for its glittering rich colors and lively veins resembling flowers in the rain. Minerals in the rock, like crystal, jade, agate and chalcedony, create the colors. Because of their naturalness, no two of these stones are alike.

Another explanation of their name, also called lucky peace stone, is a Chinese legend from the Southern Dynasties (502-557): when Monk Yunguang read Buddhist texts, Heaven was so moved that it rained flowers!

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Tiger’s Eye For Health & Great Jewellery!

What are tiger’s eye beads?
Tiger-eye is a type of rutile quartz that reflects light like a reel of silk. Tiger eye beads are polished to show their characteristic stripes of pearly luminescence. These are caused by light reflecting off thin parallel inclusions in the stone. Its name comes from the bands that resemble an eye of a tiger.

Tiger Eye BeadsColours range from a rich golden-yellow to dark-brown, as well as red tiger eye.


Benefits of tiger’s eye
Tiger-eye is good for those worried about health. It’s positive energy builds will-power and inner-strength. Traditionally it has been used to heal wounds, eyes, and the lower legs and feet – as well as for digestion and stomach problems. It’s also said to bring spiritual well-being and psychic protection, plus attract beauty and abundance.

Tiger-eye is thought to not only attract wealth, but helps you to keep money by allowing you to consider all factors, like reducing greed or wastefulness. It is also a good gemstone for those tired or under stress, as it relaxes and allows you to clarify thought.

Tiger eye has been used for centuries. Roman soldiers wore it for protection, as they thought the stone looked like it could see more than the human eye.

Similarity to the tiger!
Some say other benefits of tiger-eye, are associated to the tiger. Bringing focus, balance, strength, clear sight, determination, courage and determination. The ideal stone to concentrate on a goal in life. The gemstone can bring you the patience necessary, like a tiger waiting hours before pouncing, to look ahead and plan a project or a new way of life.

Cat’s & hawk’s eyebeads
Cats Eye BeadsSimilar stones are cat’s-eye and hawk’s-eye – all with bands of pearly luminescence creating a supernatural appearance.

Cat’s-eye can be yellowish-brown to green with a white band, and is said to bring wealth and pleasure from your children.

Hawks Eye BeadsHawk’s-eye or falcon’s eye has a blue radiance. When a bright light source is directed at the side of the stone, one side of the eye will be milky white and the other remains coloured. When the stone is rotated, the colours switch. It is believed to be very soothing and cool overwhelming sexual passion.

Use in jewellery
Tiger Eye BeadsThese natural type of beads make exciting jewellery. Cat’s eye golden brown luminescent bands add mystique to designs made from it, creating a classical African effect. The gemstone is inexpensive and available in all shapes and sizes, faceted, loose beads, and by the strand. However, set in silver or mixed with silver findings, the final effect looks far from cheap.

Astrological sign: For those born under Capricorn, Pisces and Gemini.

To see our Tiger Eye Beads click MrBead.com or MrBead.co.uk


  • Sun 18th June, Cornish Bead Show, Out of the Box, Cornish Craft House, Unit 4, Woods Browning Industrial Estate Respryn Road Bodmin, PL31 1DQ – Details Cornish Bead Fair.
  • Saturday 1st July, London MrBead Bead Show – NEW LOCATION at Highgate – Holly Lodge Community Centre, 30 Makepeace Avenue, London N6 6HL. Details here.
  • Sunday 2nd July, Oxfordshire MrBead Bead Show with Czech glass beads & findings by Tanzee Designs at The Corn Exchange, Gloucester Street, Faringdon, Oxfordshire SN7 7JA. Details here.
  • Sunday 23rd July, Norwich MrBead Bead Show with The Bead Queen at The George Hotel, Arlington Lane, Newmarket Road, Norwich, Norfolk NR2 2DA. Details here.

We will be at over 30 shows this year. Rest of bead fairs and full 2017 Bead Fair List

Exhibit at a MrBead Show
We have limited space available for crafters at some of our own bead shows:
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In our Oxfordshire hall on 2nd July at
Or our Essex Bead Show on Sunday 24th September at http://mrbead.co.uk/essexbeadfair.htm

We market for beaders making  jewellery, rather than selling ready-made jewellery – so to attract your customers, you may need to market yourself. However, we’re just looking for a small contribution towards costs. If interested, email Nigel at nigel@MrBead.com

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