Yellow For 2019 & MrBead History

13th January 2019

A very happy and prosperous New Year – make more jewellery in 2019!

Our first bead fair of 2019 will be at Harrogate Gem n Bead Fair, 16th-17th February. For details of our shows booked so far this new year click 2019 Bead Fairs.


Yellow For 2019
History Of MrBead
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Yellow For 2019

Yellow Jade BeadsJewellery designers need to keep up with fashion trends – as customers like jewellery that matches their clothes. Each season styles and colours change.

Yellow Jasper BeadsThe prevailing colour on the New York catwalk right now is yellow. Most designers’ are sporting shades of this new trend. Vibrant reds, moss green and pink are still in, but zesty yellows are dominant.

Amber BraceletYellow Opal Chip BeadsThis time of year, yellow brightens winter months bringing hope, lifts the soul, and prompting the spring. Yellow captures our attention more than any other hue. A real positive colour of daffodils, egg yolks and lemons.

Looking at yellow brings thought of freshness, happiness, energy and honour. Although the sunshine colour also represents cowardice, it usually stands for hope and happiness, creativity and intellect.

Yellow is the colour of new ideas. It helps the mind find different ways of doing things practically, rather than dreaming.

As a jewellery designer, you can tell your customers’ the benefits of yellow in their necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Colour has the power to change actual thought for the wearer.

Dull colours cause dull thought, bringing feeling of isolation and low self esteem. This can make the person become rigid, cunning, possessive and defensive.

Yellow stimulates positive thought and confidence – and is even said to help the nervous system, metabolic rate, calm the stomach, aiding the skin, pancreas and the liver.

If all this isn’t enough to sell yellow – yellow stones like amber and citrine are believed to attract wealth, bringing in money!

Click the below link to see these yellow beads in the MrBead store:

MrBead History

I got online in 1998 in Hong Kong, and then built my first internet shop a year latter on a 10-inch laptop in a tiny Mong Kok flat. OnlineOriental.com is still trading unusual Chinese collectables. All the stock was boxed in a covered outside balcony.

GuangzhouShortly after, I shared a 20th-floor flat above the largest bead wholesale complex in the world, in Guangzhou, Mainland China.

After 18-months we wondered if it was possible to sell the beads that were everywhere below us. Knowing nothing about them, we searched AltaVista online and listed them on eBay. Picture is view from the balcony.

It went so well, within a few years an eBay representative took me out for an expensive meal and drinks in Hong Kong.

Those days I traded as BetterBead.com, until Keith in the UK came up with the name ‘MrBead’ during a late night phone conversation. I registered the domain immediately.

Bead Store RoomThis was around 15-years ago when I build MrBead.com, followed by MrBead.co.uk a few years latter.

Both stores are based on Miva framework, which although very good, is starting to date. Within the next year or two, there will be a new online store – when I get time. Picture shows an early MrBead store room.

Nowadays most customers visit the site on a telephone or mobile device. Hence, the new mobile-friendly MrBead newsletter. This will be followed by a mobile MrBead shop, perhaps in about another year.

Bead Fair 2010Prior to 2008, I’d never seen a customer – they only existed online!

Until exhibiting with a single table at my first bead fair at Sandown Park Big Bead Show. Never being to a bead fair before, I thought it would be like the jewellery shows in Hong Kong, where customers’ placed orders, rather than actually took stock away.

First Bead FairSo, I brought a big monitor and computer to market MrBead.com. To my astonishment, the few beads I displayed as samples were snapped up faster than I’d ever imagined. I was also surprised to see many of the stalls selling our beads that they had brought online.

Norwich Spring 2017Living in Hong Kong, we only attended up to a dozen bead fairs a year – but now we’ve in the UK, we can do many more shows. As there’re not enough for our apatite, I organize our own bead shows to fill the calendar.  If anyone would like to join any of these for free, please email me.

2019 Monthly Bead Planner

To download your free 2019 bead planner in PDF format click: 2019 Beading Planner

Then save to your Desktop so you can easily find it. This planner will help you organize your beading projects and craft fairs in 2019.

Print it out and write your schedule and bookings in the date boxes. It lists the gemstone of the month to help you plan ahead.

The planner comes in PDF format which is the most popular for e-books because it can be read using ANY computer or operating system. Over 99% of computers have a PDF reader installed, but if you need one the Abode Reader is free here.

Use our monthly 2019 bead planner to organize your beading schedule – click here

Early Bead Fairs

  • Sat & Sun 16th-17th Jan: Harrogate Gem n Bead Fair – Full details here.
  • Sat & Sun 2nd-3rd March: Kempton Park Gem n Bead Fair –  Full details here.
  • Sunday 10th March: Norwich Bead Fair – Full details here.
  • Sat & Sun 16th-17th March: Brighton Gem n Bead Fair – Full details here.
  • Sat & Sun 23rd-24th March: Cheltenham Gem n Bead Fair – Full details here.
  • Saturday 30th March: Kilburn London MrBead Bead Fair – Full details here.
  • Saturday 6th April: The Big Bead Show, Sandown Park – Full details here.

To see all the bead shows we have booked so far click Bead Fairs 2019 – many more yet to add!

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