Mid-December 2017

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10th December 2017

Beading 2018

Xmas PresentHave a wonderful very-merry Christmas – and make more jewellery in the New Year!

Autumn Bead Fairs 2017
Norwich Forum Craft & Gift Fair
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Happy Beading Christmas!

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Autumn Bead Fairs 2017

MrBead exhibited at ten fairs in two months between end-of-September and end-of-November. A killer, but good fun!

Kentish Town
Kentish Town Bead ShowA disastrous start, as a new manager of the hall never let us in until 10am for an 11am opening! Luckily, we’re very quick setting up and it wasn’t a problem despite still laying out strands until 11.30am.

Overall, we did well, as always in London.  However, after Kentish Town double booking us in July and this new problem, I think we’ll switch to the Highgate Hall again for our next London MrBead Show in 2018.

Essex Bead Show
Essex Bead Show 2017A beautiful hall in a beautiful village, with an early and easy setup. A pleasure to work in! Although a little out of the way, many customers’ found us out to make this yet another successful MrBead Bead Show. We’ll be back next year.

Beads Up North!
Always a pleasure at Haydock with Gordon’s well-organized show.  However, takings were a little down on the spring fair.

Norwich Bead Show
Norwich Bead Show 2017Busy with record sales at Norwich with our new double-size display. Thanks to the van. Next year the hall at The George Hotel will be redecorated to be even more comfortable.

Big Bead Show
Big Bead Show 2017Always the busiest show of the year with everyone taking more than any other show. However, despite many people, I think there were slightly less than usual.

Newton Abbot Gem n Bead Fair
Newton Abbot Gem n Bead Fair 2017MrBead had a huge display, but visitors were down on last year. However, we love it in the West Country and usually stay a day extra. This time we visited the sites in Ilfracobe. Great seafood dinner at a 500-year-old restaurant and B&B with sea view, but it rained all day!

Cheltenham Gem n Bead Fair
Cheltenham Gem n Bead Fair 2017Back at the beautiful hall at Cheltenham Racecourse. Nice fair wit good attendance. On the Saturday night we watched fireworks at the racetrack, but not as good as expected and very cold.

Kempton Park Gem n Bead Fair
Always good and expected to be so with a record number of exhibitors, at least for the past few years. Busy both days with good takings.

Brighton Gem n Bead Fair
Brighton Gem n Bead Fair 2017A strange flow of visitors. Started and finished really slow, with over 50% calling between noon and 3pm on the Saturday when it was really busy. Quite on Sunday. After the show we stayed the nigh for seafood in B&B at Whitstable.

In July I booked a Premier Inn to say the two-nights, but forgot, and booked a Travel Lodge 6-weeks before the show – both around £80! Gave the Travel Lodge to one of the other exhibitors. Have to keep better records!

Cheshire Bead Fair
Cheshire Bead Fair Nov 2017After the disastrous June fair at Nantwich, we were a little worries this would not be so good. However, it turned out well with a good flow of visitors and good takings. Ensuring we remain at this long-standing fair in 2018.

After the show we stayed at a fantastic old pub in the Peak District Village of Tideswell. Fantastic local food, but nearby sites closed and it was wet and cold.

Norwich Forum Craft & Gift Fair

Norwich Tunnel of LightMrBead sells beads, not jewellery, and we don’t make out we can design necklaces and bracelets.

However, we are venturing into new territory for us by exhibiting at a Christmas craft & gift market in Norwich City Centre on 14th-15th December at the Forum. All our bead fairs have finished, so we have to do something!

MrBead JewelleryThe last time I sold jewellery was on the street in Hong Kong, over 20-years ago. At one time there were about 20 Westerners’ hawking along a busy Mong Kok street, running from the Urban Council. Like Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels! But we made money – often £500 a night. I sold steel jewellery and rings from South Korea.

Norwich ForumIn Norwich we paid £350 for two tables for two days, so we can’t loose much. Some of our stock is designed and made by MiMi, others we brought in China.

Everything will be sold in nice boxes to make easy Christmas presents. I plan to decorate the stall with festive trimmings and lights. Full details at Norwich Forum Craft & Gift Market.

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Happy Beading ChristmasChristmas creeps up faster than you expect. Beaded jewellery makes great lasting presents. Get your order in early to allow plenty of time to arrive and make up.

However, we’ll do our best to mail right up to the last minute. Then will be buying you the latest beads in China between January 4th to 18th – so orders will be delayed between these dates.

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