Benefits of Hematite, Geometric & Juals Jewellery 

9th August 2020

It looks like larger bead shows aren’t allowed until October. So Perth & Haydock are postponed.

Haydock Racecourse have just confirmed Beads Up North: new date is Sun 22nd November 2020. Should be safe from a second wave by then and feel more secure to our senior visitors.

Smaller venues allow up to 30 at any one time, so Cornish Bead Fair on Sun 6th Sept at Wadebridge is actually on! Social distancing & other measures will be in place for your protection. For up to date fair info click here.

The new MrBead shop is live and doing well. We’re having problems with the old shop, but it should be back soon.

Judith Stirling
Benefits Of hematite Beads
Geometric Jewellery
Mr & Mrs Bead’s Lockdown
New MrBead Shop
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Judith Stirling

Judith Stiring strings beads into beautiful jewellery in Wales. Her latest design is ideal for summer, with bright summery colours. A simple, but wonderful design.

Juals JewelleryRegarding this necklace, Judith says: “Today was a surprise for me….I started playing with beads beginning of last year and have made lots of lovely necklaces, but today’s make is my absolute favorite so far

I think I cracked doing a multi strand necklace – took a lot of thought and I didn’t rush it.

The beads are just Mother of Pearl and Shell, Lava Rock with a couple of gold tone beads. The Rings are Tierracast, the clasp is gold tone. I threaded the beads on Beadalon 49 and then plaited 2mm Rattail and finished the Rattail with Button Knots. I hope you like it and can ignore me blowing my own trumpet lol x”

Juals Handcrafted Jewellery

The Benefits of Hematite Beads

Picture shows an advert from a popular British newspaper for a simple magnetic bracelet for £17.95. Illustrating what price your customers’ are willing to pay for this type of jewellery.

Hematite BeadsMagnetic Hematite
Hematite makes great jewellery because it’s inexpensive, shiny and sleek. People wear it as rings, bracelets and necklaces not only for style, but because they believe the magnetic variety relieves rheumatism. Magnetic therapy has been around for over 4,000 years.

Hematite BraceletBio-magnetic bracelets are becoming popular again. Some swear, not only do they look good; the magnetism makes them feel better too.

Therapists claim they can cure disorders and the magnetism relieves pain and stress, especially if the bracelet is worn on the area of reflexive points. It’s also said to protect from harmful radiation caused from every-days appliances like microwave ovens, mobile phones and televisions.

Hematite BeadsThe idea is that magnetic fields relax capillary walls in the body by increasing blood flow, similar to effects of massaging muscles. The average person has 3 to 4gms of iron in their blood. When this is magnetized, circulation increases. Others say, magnetic jewellery allows the body to produce endorphins, the natural pain killers.

Hematite BeadsOther Hematite
Not all hematite is magnetic. Sometimes the magnetic attraction can be a disadvantage to jewellery design – pulling metal from other components.

Hematite BraceletThere is also a new type of hematite bead giving yet another angle to this versatile metal – Aurora Borealis. This is hematite with an AB coating similarly used on crystals, producing a multi-coloured effect when turned. This looks striking on jewellery designed to be worn in bright lights at night.

What Is Hematite?
Hematite is one of the most common minerals, being the principle ore of iron. The colour of most red rock, like sandstone, is caused by small amounts of hematite. 

Hematite BeadsAll non-crystalline forms of hematite are transformations of the mineral Limonite that lost water, possibly due to heat. Hence the recent excitement of the discovery of grey hematite on the planet Mars, suggesting there was once water present.

Only well formed hematite crystals are cut and polished into cabochons for jewellery, beads, and ornaments.

Click to see all our many Hematite Beads


Geometric Geometric jewellery is popular. Geometry in jewellery always lives up to its name by dramatic shapes.

Icicle NecklaceBold mathematical shapes show sophistication, add depth and dimension to an outfit, as well as looking modern and chic. They’re available in all materials, not just metal. And obviously in a huge range of shapes and sizes.

Many necklaces, bracelets and rings are already in fun geometric shapes like triangles, hexagons and rectangles. These two pictures are jewellery designed by Susan Wainwight. Susan uses a lot of geometric styles – see here.

Huge EarringFrame BeadsGeometric shapes portray a unique and abstract appearance that stands out. Simple, yet eye-catching. Funky with bling: not flat or boring! See our cube, square, icicle and our geometric metal spacer beads.

See or geometric shaped beads:
cicle Beads
Cube & Square Beads
Geometric Spacer Beads

Mr & Mrs Bead’s Lockdown

Ludham Bridge BBQSome think we have nothing to do with no shows – far from the truth, we’re still busy online. And I spend a lot of time marketing, organizing, managing my holiday cottage, and writing this stuff! However, weekends MiMi and I go for 10-mile Norfolk coastal walks. Last weekend we took Rosey out for the first time this year.

A night at St Benet’s Abbey and another at Ludham Bridge. St Benet’s is what’s left of a 13th-century abbey by the River Bure. The solitude is magical.

For just a couple of nights, we can’t go far. Top speed on the Broads is only 6 mph, but near Wroxham and Horning it’s only 4 mph.

Ludham Bride is just up the River Ant, neat Potter Heigham. We can only get under the bridge with the canopy down. Great place for riverside BBQs.

Mr & Mrs Bead in NorwichThen the other day we took advantage of Boris’s meal deal at a Norwich roof-top restaurant – it felt like we were back in Hong Kong.

We’ve also had many garden BBQs. MiMi’s out attending to her flowers between sorting beads.

We have a few days booked in Nice and a week latter in Sardinia. I hope you all appreciate your British passports – its’ really hard work getting MiMi a Schengen visa! The fingerprinting offices in London have a backlog.

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