Blue Beads, 2020 Boom & Your Jewellery Online

14th February 2021

Beaders must order supplies online. With MrBead’s no question refund – you have nothing to loose!

Year of the OxAlthough orders are mailed from Norwich, in the UK, MrBead is based in Hong Kong. Friday was the start of the New Chinse Year of the Ox – click to see our predictions.

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Blue Beads
2020 Boom!
Your Jewellery Online
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Blue Beads Are the Most Popular!

Norfolk BroadsAs we say in Norfolk, blue is ‘bootiful’! There’s lots of blue in Norfolk.

Blue BeadsIt’s not by chance we sell more blue beads than any other hue. Blue is the most popular colour. Everyone loves it and wears blue jeans.

Chip Bead NecklaceThe sky and the sea is blue when at its best. The colour represents freedom, open space, creativity, inspiration and sex. As well as trust, loyalty, confidence, sincerity and faith.

The colour of the spirit, bringing rest and tranquillity – with religious meaning, believed to repel bad spirits.

All blue clothes with jewellery to match is the dress of successes – look at rock stars, actors and the super-rich.

A cooling colour of intuition, confidence and intellect that is said to balance the mind and body. Electric blue is dramatic and exhilaration.

Blue BeadsBlue BeadsHowever, excessive blue can be negative, bringing sadness – but too-much means blue walls, blue furniture, blue everything!

Blue BeadsBlue portrays importance and confidence. ‘The Boys in Blue’: British police officers, and ‘corporate blue’ pinstripe suits. Representing conservative stability. Royal blue is for respect and superiority. Blue means trust and wisdom.

Terms That Use Blue:
• Red, white and blue : Loyalty & Red
• white and blue: Patriotism
• Navy blue & white : Sailing
• Out of the blue : Something unexpected
• True blue : Loyalty, trustworthy, and faithful
• Feeling blue: feeling the calm from blue
• Blue blood: royal birth
• Blue ribbon: top prize

Blue Gemstones
Blue GemstoneBlue gemstones are said to calm, especially in times of crisis. They also make it easier to communicate with loved ones, encouraging words from the heart.

Blue Gemstones – click the link to see the beads:
Lapis Lazuli
Cornflower Jade
Hawk’s Eye

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2020 Boom!

What a boom last year, jewellery sales worldwide hit a record high. Amazing with the pandemic. In 2020, more than 29-million people purchased jewellery online, EVERY DAY!

Why Is the Jewellery Market Doing So Well?
Pearl Necklace SetHuge savings because of no holidays or evenings out, have resulted in consumers’ rewarding themselves with necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Large jewellery companies like Pandora, Gorjana, LuvAJ and Bagatiba really are flourishing with spiked lockdown sales.

How Come I’m Not Doing So Well?
If you’re not benefiting from the jewellery boom, perhaps you’re not selling online. With lockdown closing fairs and most shops, you’re only outlet is the internet.

A Bigger Market
People will always prefer to feel jewellery before buying, but in prosperous countries, there’s a trend long before lockdown, of spending more time looking online.

However, rather than e-commerce gobbling a larger slice of the jewellery market cake, it’s expanding the market to a larger cake.

Everyone Wants New Jewellery
semiprecious necklaceThere are literally millions of customers out there craving for quality, original jewellery. Many want a pick-me-up from lockdown mundane – like chicken soup comfort food.

They understand jewellery can be a non-fashion purchase, often trend-resistant. And after lockdown, they’ll want to show off.

So, get ready for the rush! Some of the UK’s £150-billion, that’s £150,000,000,000, in extra savings during lockdown will be spent on jewellery. Consumers’ are yearning to spash their cash and make up for lost time! If they can’t holiday in the sun, they’ll need to feel better another way.

Only the other day, the Bank of England’s chief economist said “the UK economy is like a coiled spring ready to release large amounts of pent-up financial energy”. He also predicted there would be £250-billion savings by June.

Your Jewellery Online

selling jewellery onlineYou MUST establish an online presence to sell your designs. You can do this through an established jewellery selling market – they do all marketing for you, but charge a lot. Or through third-part website software – where you build and market your own store.

Some Jewellery Selling Markets:
• Etsy – specialises selling handcraft goods, and is massive, 54-million users worldwide.
• eBay – the second-largest outlet for handcraft goods – but very competitive.
• Not On The High Street – brilliant outlet for established sellers of quality jewellery. There’s a jewellery shop in Norwich, taking over £5-million here!

There are many website-building brands like:
• WIX – sites from £8.50 a month.
• IONOS – from £25 a month.
• SquareSpace – from £10 a month.
• GoDaddy – build a WordPress site on the largest web host in the world – from £10.
• Shopify – the largest e-commerce builder, with over a million shops. Including the new MrBead store. Only £30 a month, but they make their money processing you’re customers’ payments.

Website builders make it very easy using templates to construct a site with e-commerce to sell. Even if you have no experience working online. The software does everything for you – all you need is the imagination to choose an appropriate style for your brand.

How To Sell JewelleryHowever, although it’s easy to build a website: the hard part is getting customers to see it. Like opening a brick-and-mortar store in a back street.

If you have your own website, unless you market it, you won’t sell anything. You must enter this colossal market in a tiny niche – or better still, a niche within a niche. That way you can compete and beat the big boys. More on this in a future MrBead newsletter.

£5 Off All From MrBead (about US$7)

Try the new shop with £5 on us! Only with a £25 (about US$34) minimum order and once per customer. Shipping is free too on orders over £30 – under this UK P&P is just £2.50. International shipping from £5.

Can only be used at the NEW shop & not with any other coupon. To get the discount Key BLUE at checkout now, as offer ends Friday 19th February 2021. Use at

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